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Glance out at the ocean from just about anywhere on our property and you will see a patch of lush green jungle rising out of the ocean. Close enough to watch seabirds taking flight as waves crash on the rocky shore - this is Bird Island. Formally known as Swan’s Cay, this small island is uniquely important for bird life here in Panama. The rocky outcrop forms a crescent moon shape, curving towards us here on shore at Bird Island Bungalows. A fifteen minute walk down our road due east will give you a new view of the rock formations which create two arches over the sea.


Bird Island is, not surprisingly, a birders paradise! Most notably, it is the only known Panamanian nesting site of the Red-billed Tropicbird - the largest and most rare species of tropicbird found in Panama. While the Red-billed Tropicbird is the star of the show, the island provides nesting ground and habitat for a number of other bird species as well, including the brown booby, the frigate, the brown pelican, and many types of gulls and terns. 


Due to its small size and ecological significance, the island is a protected area and as such, landings are prohibited. Despite its protected status, when you stay with us at Bird Island Bungalows, you still have multiple options to experience Bird Island. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can use our paddle boards or kayaks and make your way to the island. If the sea is calm enough, you can even paddle through the arches. Alternatively, you can book a tour boat with a local guide to take you from Boca del Drago out to the island. And of course, you can simply relax at any of our bars or in the pool and enjoy the view from afar.


Experience Bird Island however you prefer - the choice is yours! 

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